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Show your gratitude in a wire map of the USA. Collaborative efforts create meaningful sculpture.

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The Gratitude Map USA is a collaborative project incorporating meaningful objects from each state within the wire structure of a map of the United States. I am grateful for the cooperation of people all over the country contributing items from their states. 

The Gratitude Map USA will be exhibited March 20 - April 21, 2017 at The Hope Horn Gallery Hyland Hall, Fourth Floor at the University of Scranton.
                                 Special Events: March 24, 2017
                                 Gallery Lecture
                                 "Where Do Ideas Come From?"
                                 Lisa Fedon, Exhibiting Artist
                                 Brennan Hall, Room 228, at The University of Scranton
                                 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.
                                 Public Reception
                                 The Hope Horn Gallery
                                 Hyland Hall, 4th Floor, at The University of Scranton
                                 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Lisa Fedon
Sculptor, Artist
Pennsylvania, USA
As an artist who has been creating sculptures out of steel and bronze for the past 35 years, I have pieces in private, public and corporate collections throughout the world. Over the years I have thought about collaborative projects, but they tended to play out more in my family life rather than my artistic career. However, in the beginning of 2012 the idea of collaboration moved to the forefront of my mind.

In part due to the lack of cooperation in Washington, I set out to demonstrate the joys of collaboration through a sculptural project. I wanted to create a map of the United States out of wire. At the same time I had been reading about gratitude and realized that despite all the negativity in the news, there is much to be grateful for. All of these thoughts coalesced into the formation of the Gratitude Map USA. 

Lisa Fedon Welding
Photo by: David Imber
I thought it would be fun to reach out to people across the United States and ask them to send me something from their state that they are grateful for. I would then take these gifts and incorporate them into the map.  I began to slowly contact friends and post information on facebook about the project, and gifts began to arrive: Barbed wire, antlers and fossils from Wyoming; sharks teeth and shells from Florida; limestone from Kentucky; Red Rocks and copper pennies from Arizona; etc. I photographed all the objects I received from these First Responders, along with their information and the state of origin. I created a website www.GratitudeMapUSA.com to be able to update information on each state as items arrived.

I decided to begin by creating all the states out of wire. Then I could go back and figure out how and what to incorporate into the map. Of course all of this had to take place between commissioned projects and family life.

At this point I have received items for each of the 50 states, and I am working to incorportate the contributions within the last 6 remaining states. 

I have also used blue twist ties to represent the rivers.
I wanted to give more people the opportunity to participate in contributing to this collaborative effort. Therefore a $50 contribution will be gratefully received to create your name or that of a loved one (favorite pet, grandchild) in wire to be added to the sculpture as part of the supporting structure. The names (approx 10" long) will be linked together in verticle lines above the map supporting each state. The verticle lines hang from a steel frame.
Updated February 2015
Updated February 2015
Updated February 2015
This is an example of the names already added which support the states along with safety pins,
Although Alaska and Hawaii can't be seen in this photo they are part of the map. Updated February 2015
Updated February 2015
Funds pay for: time and materials to complete the states and names; 12' wide backdrop paper for a clean photograph of the finished piece; additional photo lights with diffuser; materials for a structural stand for the completed map: as well as a photo book documenting the project.
Once the project, which began in April of 2012, is completed, the next step will be to get the Gratitude Map USA out to visit the communities of our collaborators in each state. Of course that's a future project with lots of possibilities. 

I look forward to exploring ideas to get the finished piece, Gratitude Map USA, back to each state to share in the wonder of what can be accomplished when people from across this country choose to work together in a creative manner for a positive outcome. Thank you for proving that anything is possible with cooperation and gratitude.

Please share this project with your family and friends.

Contribute $50.00 or more

Individual backers will have their name, or the name of a loved one, child, grandchild, favorite pet, written in wire and added to the Gratitude Map USA sculpture. (84 available) They will also receive a hand written note of gratitude from me. Individuals will also be listed as contributors (if desired) on www.GratitudeMapUSA.com